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Yanik Fireseed, also known as The Fragment Son, is a Turok of the far future. Yanik was called upon by Tal'Set, alongside various other Turoks, to decide on the fate of the Chronoscepter.


Yanik is a Turok from the year AD 3000. After his grandfather made peace with the Amaranthine Accordance, the Solidaritary Order, and Galyanna's city states, Yanik's duties and wars were fought on a different battleground. He fought the cancer eating away at mankind, a cancer born of mankind's own laziness: the Central Ganglia Communal Link, an internet-like network system connected directly into the populace's brains.

Yanik hated the people who gave in to the linkup. After being mortally wounded during an attempt to disconnect a part of Nethattan, Yanik fell through a fold gate into the Lost Land. The people of Galyanna decided to let Yanik die to keep him from disturbing the peace. Yanik later woke up to find himself in an unknown building where his body was being reconstructed and rebuilt by a robot who saw him as something more than just another human, who knew that Yanik's fighting spirit needed to be nurtured.

In Turok: Springbreak in the Lost Land, Yanik warns Joshua Fireseed that if he tries to rescue Carl Fireseed he will die, and if that happens he will not be born. They then team up to rescue Carl and Joshua's friends from the Campaigner.

In Turok/Shadowman, Yanik tries to stop Joshua from following Michael LeRoi, the Shadowman, into Deadside to rescue Barry Hackowitcz, but Joshua is too determined to rescue him. Yanik eventually gives in and tells him how to get to Deadside but warns him of what happens if he does go.

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  • Turok: Spring Break in the Lost Land (First appearance)
  • Turok: Tales of the Lost Land
  • Turok/Shadowman

Junior Novels

  • Turok: Path of Destruction
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