The Lost Land


Cyclopian appearance, large body, and three massive legs

"This huge monster is a ghastly combination of a crab and an octopus. He has powerful tentacles that will pull you toward his sharp-toothed chomper. Deal with his eye first and then look for something heavy to take him out for good."
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

The Xiphias is a large aquatic creature that is at the end of the "Military Research Facility" chapter in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.


This creature looks much like an octopus or squid. It features one massive eye in its center mass. It has green, slippery "skin," and it has three horns on its head, most likely made up of cartilage.


As the Xiphias is featured in a boss battle, it is stronger than most other enemies, not to mention that it has only one weakness: its eye. This means that shooting and hitting its eye constantly is the only way to drain the health bar of this massive animal.

However, this creature also has a few offensive capabilities. One move it can perform is a "pulling move," where it will drag the player towards it if the player enters its aquatic domain. When the player nears its physical body, it will end up dealing damage, adding to the threat. The only way to counter the pulling grapple is to shoot the creature's eye until it loses its grip.

Another of the Xiphias' moves is a melee attack with a tentacle that it can extend from just below and to the side of its eye. It will use this tentacle to swipe the arena from side to side, damaging the player if they are within range.

Finally, the Xiphias has a ranged attack, shooting a laser-like projectile from the horns on its head. This projectile is of the same type as the Walligus' ranged attacks and is easy to sidestep.

Its health pool is also massive, being able to take a lot of punishment before finally falling to the player's firepower. This make the Xiphias one of the hardest enemies, if not the hardest enemy to defeat in Turok 3.

When its eye is destroyed, the Xiphias will go berserk, spinning around the arena and firing projectiles in all directions. The player, at this point, must climb a ladder to the platform that sits above the Xiphias' pool. When the player hits the switch on the computer terminal at the end of the platform, a yellow submersible will drop onto the Xiphias, killing it and ending the battle.


  • It is one of the few aquatic enemies in the series.
  • It is the only cyclopian boss in the series other than The Blind One.

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