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"The best advice is to just not look down."
—Sergeant Elyk 534

Withering Heights is the tenth map in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer map roster. It takes place in Penasandis during the daytime.


This map is asymmetric. Like "Selkirk Complex," this map features trampolines as a mode of transportation to get from place to place. Both sides of the map feature multiple rooms and the center spire contains a Rocket Launcher.

One each side, there are multiple rooms, ladders, and rooftops which the player can utilize to their advantage. As this level is larger, the player would be best suited to nabbing a Crossbow and utilizing their sniping skills against other players.

The center of the map is one large, interconnected series of bridges, each possessing a trampoline system and multiple pickups, including arrows and Medkits. When the player uses one of the featured trampolines, they will be shot right to their destination on a metaphorical rail (a term used for a predetermined, unalterable paths that the player must travel) without the need for mapping out their jumps.

Places of InterestEdit

  • The Center Spire:

As with other maps, "Withering Heights" holds some interesting goodies in the center spire of the map. There are Dark Matter Cubes, Health Packs, and Spider Mines laid out around the area. There is, however, no cover, and there are many edges to fall off of, so maintaining caution would be a wise decision.

  • The Trampolines:

These areas are vital mainly due to two reasons: One, they give the player a height advantage, and two: both trampolines hold the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Cannon. Both also have the constant hazards of edges and falling. Two additional trampolines allow occasional access to Swarm Bores, Cloaking Belt, and a Nuke. These can be accessed via the terraces that hold the Idols.

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