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The Warhammer is a weapon featured in Turok: Rage Wars.


The Warhammer, as seen in first-person view, seems to look much like a regular, albeit futuristic, sledgehammer in terms of length and appearance. This weapon looks aesthetically similar to the Tek Crossbow in design. It is silver with a metallic handle. The head of the hammer is also silver and features indents and holes on each face, all of which are illuminated by a deep red glow.


In gameplay, this weapon functions as a purely melee weapon and, as stated, functions like a sledgehammer. It can deal skull-shattering damage to wounded foes, and, in a nice twist, it can be charged up, dealing even greater damage to someone.

It would be best for the player to use this in cramped spaces, where missing a blow is unlikely, as doing so would result in the player's death, due to lack of time and health to strike again.

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