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"The mighty War Club is the basic weapon you begin with, and is handy for close combat throughout your travels. When switch to its secondary function, it can be charged and the deadly spikes will bring sorrow to a target."
Turok: Evolution manual[1]

The War Club is a weapon exclusive to Turok: Evolution. It is the starting weapon of the game and appears to be made of bone and wood, with an unknown animal carved into the head of the club, for decoration


This weapon is a brown, wooden-shafted club made out of both wood and bone. It is about 1–2 feet in length, and it has a bulbous head, where both the blade and spikes are located. The club's head has the aforementioned animal design carved into it.


The War Club is an exclusively close quarters weapon. It lacks any range whatsoever, and it cannot be thrown or lost during the campaign. Against small Sleg troops, it is very effective and can easily kill them in only one or two hits. Against larger Slegs, it will take multiple whacks to down the enemy.

Its secondary attack requires the player to hold the trigger down, which will cause Tal'Set to bring the club over his head. The player can then release the trigger and send the club down for a shattering blow that will kill most, if not all, opponents who feel it. Most dinosaurs are easily killed by this weapon, too.


  • A real-life War Club was sculpted by Turok: Evolution's Art Director, Peyton Duncan, as a promotional item to show at conventions.

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