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"The Walligus is the product of the Military Research Facility’s experiments. Part man, part amphibian, this monster will spit acid at you or club you with his sharp claws. Listen for his lumbering foot steps in dark places."
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

Walligus are failed experiments that have broken free of containment and now roam the underground Military Complex. They appear in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.


The Walligus are mutant creatures with the DNA of multiple mammalian and amphibian species. Their arms and backs are covered with a row of transparent dorsal fins. Their skin coloration is a light green. What passes for their head is a tube from which they spit their attacks. They have no eyes, and they appear to have elephant-like feet.


The Walligus is a deadly creature with the ability spit some sort of acid-like energy beam from its mouth. A Walligus can also engage the player with its claws. They are not able to withstand much damage, but that does not mean that the player can become complacent. The Walligus travel in packs of two or more and can overwhelm the player from all sides. When fighting a small group of Walligus, it is best to use the Mag 60 and Assault Rifle. A larger grouping requires the use of more powerful weaponry, such as the Firestorm Cannon.

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