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"This resident of the Lost Land performs ritual sacrifices of the slaves to Oblivion. He attacks with a Blow Gun."
The Official Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Strategy Guide[1]

Voodoo Priests are reanimated skeletons that feature as enemies in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.


The Voodoo Priest is a walking corpse, and its bones and muscles are clearly visible. Its torso has been worn away, its spine completely visible. The Voodoo Priest appears to be wearing a ceremonial outfit made up of gold ankle bracelets and some type of skirt. The most noticeable thing about the Voodoo Priest is its visible skull; though it seems that the skin of its head has peeled off, it was able to retain a long beard.


Voodoo Priests are not hard to eliminate nor are they quick to dodge the player's attacks, but a group of Voodoo Priests at a distance is highly dangerous. The Priests can attack from both long- and close-range. While fighting them in close combat it is recommended to use the Blade as Joseph and the Tomahawk as Danielle. For long-range engagements the enemy can use their blowguns, causing a decent amount of damage. It is recommended to either strafe the dart or dodge it by jumping to the side. For ranged combat, the Bow and its upgrades, the Tek Bow and Storm Bow, are the ideal weapons for killing the Voodoo Priests from a safe distance.

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