The Battle for Galyana


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Turok Evolution Lv.15


Turok: Evolution






Kill Bruckner and avenge your people.


Vengeance is the last chapter and level of Turok: Evolution. It serves as a finale to the game with Tal'Set finally fighting and killing his nemesis, Captain Tobias Bruckner. This level also has A.I. allies fighting with you.


This level is separated into three phases.

Phase OneEdit

Phase One has the player fighting and destroying three Sleg spawners which spawn Sleg Rapiers and Sleg Guards which are easily destroyed by Minigun rounds. For this phase, the player should equip a high damage weapon and look at the hovering spawner so that they will have an idea of where the spawners will fall.

As soon as they do, open fire upon them and disregard all the Sleg spawning as getting the spawner down should be the player's first priority. The player should also be careful of the splash damage from the ensuing explosion as it can easily kill them; however, it will easily kill any Sleg near it as well.

Phase TwoEdit

Phase Two has a Purrlin drop down into the arena via an egg drop. This is probably where any surviving A.I teammates will die. To complete this phase, equip the Minigun, Plasma Cannon. or even the Shotgun and lay into the Purrlin. If needed, use the A.I. teammates as a distraction against the Purrlin, and shoot it when it is not looking. This battle will easily go in the player's favor if they utilize the Purrlin's weaknesses.

Phase ThreeEdit

Phase Three has the player fighting and killing a Tyrannosaurus rex that is being ridden by Captain Bruckner. This part is easily the most challenging part of the game. The T. rex here is armed with flamethrowers, miniguns, and a horrendously powerful bite attack. There is no preferred weapon here as all will be needed to take down the massive and lumbering beast.

It can easily outpace the player; however, trees will slow it down enough for the player to take potshots at it. One final note: the trees can be advantageous. Shooting them onto the lumbering T. rex can, surprisingly, offer an easy one-hit kill; however, it is still hard to shoot them as the T. rex will push them down while running at you.

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  • This level features a unique skin for the teammates who fight by you.
  • Bruckner's T. rex may be an homage to Thunder from Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

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