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Release date(s):

March 27, 2008[1]


The Velociraptor Pack was a map pack for Turok that contained two new multiplayer maps, one new Co-op map, and two refurbished maps, which now take place at night. It was released on March 27, 2008; however, after the rights of Turok reverted back to Classic Media, the map pack was removed from purchase.


According to IGN's news article: "Of the five new Turok downloadable maps for consoles, two are completely new multiplayer maps, one is a new co-op map and two are re-lit versions of popular multiplayer maps available with the game. Below is a brief description of the five new maps."[2]


Co-Op 4: Breakout – A brand new Turok co-op map for 2–4 players. In this co-op map your Whiskey Company squad has been captured and is being held in a Mendel-Gruman facility designed for holding dinosaurs. You and your team have to break out and make it to the rescue chopper before the Wolf Pack troops decide to feed you to the captured raptors.

Desolation – A brand new swamp-based map where simple structures are set up alongside a rock cliff to allow helicopters and transports into the area to bring in supplies. There are many hiding spots on this multi-level map which enables numerous quiet kill opportunities.

Sentinel – Another new multiplayer map and one of the largest Turok maps to date. The setting takes place at the top of a mountain around one of Roland Kane's orbital defense arrays—the very base that shot down the Whiskey Company ship from orbit in the single-player campaign. Also, the presence of a few large dinosaurs on the map can make things very interesting during multiplayer combat.

Inconclusive Tests – This time the Testing Grounds map takes place at night and offers a different view of the world that now contains more dark hiding spots. A word of caution—watch out for the raptors.

A Rivalry Continues – As the name suggests, the struggle for the compound from A Heated Rivalry is not over and has extended into the eerie darkness of the night.

Notes and referencesEdit

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