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The Vampire Gun is a weapon that appears in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. Rather than being an actual gun, it is a strange leech-like creature that is worn on the hand like a glove.

The weapon works as an life-absorbing device that sucks the energy from victims, while simultaneously giving health energy to the wielder.


The Vampire Gun is a large, brown, bulbous creature. The weapon has two horns protruding on each side and has an opening into which the wielder can insert their hand. It sports a long, tubular mouth which can suck the life out of any victim within its reach.


The Vampire Gun is a strange, hand-mounted, life-absorbing creature that transfers its collected energy into the wielder. It must be used at close range in order for the weapon to function properly, otherwise the wielder will unwillingly be harmed in the process. If the wielder has located a nearby enemy, the weapon can be used.

Once the weapon is activated, the creature's long mouth emits a suction-like sound and starts to shake. The weapon is now sucking out the energy from the victim, causing the victim's body to be paralyzed and twitch violently. The Vampire Gun simultaneously pulses the energy into the wielder's veins, replenishing the wielder's energy.

As the victim's energy is being depleted, their body slowly begins to turn thin. Once the process is over, the weapon releases its grasp and the victim collapses in pain, eventually dying.


The Vampire Gun is a weapon that is essential for players who are low on health, when no health packs are nearby. As a combat weapon, it is completely useless.

The weapon must be used at close range for it to properly absorb enemy health. If the player were to use the Vampire Gun from a distance, the weapon would begin depleting the player's own health.

If the player happens to locate an enemy that is close enough, then the weapon will prove to be useful for restoring health, although the amount of health given depends on the strength of the enemy itself. A Forsaken Warrior will take only about two seconds to absorb and will not restore any health. Against an enemy like a Mummite or Oblivion Spawn High Priest, the weapon will take about 20 seconds to absorb and will restore a lot of health.

The weapon works best against single enemies. If the player were to attack a group of enemies, the weapon would be meaningless, as the damage received would be greater than the energy absorbed. The low attack speed of the weapon poses an additional challenge.

However, the player will not need to worry about ammo, since the Vampire Gun uses no ammo whatsoever. The weapon requires only one pickup to be used and cannot be upgraded.

This weapon is available to both Danielle and Joseph Fireseed.


  • The Vampire Gun was originally set to appear in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil when a member of the team suggested a "leech gun" to be added to the game's arsenal, but the idea was rejected and instead implemented into the sequel.
  • This is one of the few weapons in the original Turok series that do not get an upgrade, with another example being the PSG.
  • When the weapon is equipped, it makes a distinct creature-like sound.
  • In earlier versions of Turok 3, when the Vampire Gun sucks the life out of an enemy, it was able to shoot various projectiles at an enemy.

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