Untitled Turok Game Boy Advance game
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Game Boy Advance


3D First Person Shooter


An untitled Turok Game Boy Advance game served as a prototype game pitch for the Game Boy Advance system, and was planned for release sometime before Turok: Evolution.


This game was essentially a port of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter to the Game Boy Advance system, judging by the visuals and gameplay.


Based upon a leaked demo build, the gameplay appeared to be much like the original Nintendo 64 title, being a first person shooter that relied on exploration in order for the player to proceed. The gameplay is depicted as non-linear, which allows the player to travel freely across a massive level.


This game was revealed to be in development before Acclaim Entertainment's Turok: Evolution was scheduled for release. It is unknown as to how far development got before its cancellation or the reason as to why it was cancelled.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Only a small portion of gameplay was ever shown; however, it is very buggy and results in the player being able to walk through walls, while also suffering from massive screen tearing.

Turok GBA Prototype02:23

Turok GBA Prototype

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