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Unidentified assault rifle


PierreB AssaultRifle

Production overview

Ammunition type:


Ammo Capacity:

50 (Per magazine)

Range Type:

Mid to long range

Service history


Whiskey Company (Presumably)


An unidentified assault rifle made an appearance in the prerelease concepts of both Turok and its sequel, Turok 2.



In Turok, this weapon resembles a SCAR-H, with a rail-mounted holographic sight, a large bayonet, and a slightly translucent magazine that displays the ammunition used.

The holographic sight is much like modern day attachable sights, and the bayonet is massive, being longer than the barrel of the weapon itself. There are iron sights on the weapon's barrel; however, its usage is moot with the use of the holo-sight.

Turok 2Edit

In Turok 2, the weapon received a change in appearance. The weapon is much more slender and sleek, and the holographic sight has been replaced with a red dot sight, though it is still rail mounted.

In place of the bayonet is a grenade launcher, very similar to modern day launchers, while the iron sights shift to a "hollow tip" rather than a pointed tip.


It can be accurately assumed that this weapon would act much like the ORO FP9 SMG in terms of gameplay, with a damage buff, accuracy increase, and a range increase, given its designation as an "assault rifle." The weapon, as confirmed by concept art, would have had a 50 bullet magazine, barely higher than the 45 bullets in the FP9's magazine, implying the two weapons could possibly be intermixed with little in the way of differences.

Whether or not it would act like previous incarnations' Assault Rifles, where a three round burst would be its primary firing mode, or if it would be fully automatic is not known.

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