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Unidentified Colombian girl
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Colombia, Earth


Before the events of Turok





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This unidentified Colombian girl was a character present in Turok. She was an unintentional casualty of Joseph Turok's actions, during Wolf Pack's mission in Colombia.


This girl wore a rather basic tunic without sleeves and also wore sandals. Beyond this, her appearance is quite bare. She had rather tanned skin and possessed brown-colored eyes.



The Colombian girl makes only one brief appearance in Turok. During the cutscene before "Down and Out," Turok is shown tearing down members of a Colombian drug cartel, only to swiftly turn around at her presence and fire an arrow inadvertently, hitting her dead center in the chest.

Turok quickly runs over in an attempt to comfort her as she lays dying; however, Roland Kane, John Grimes, and another member of Wolf Pack show up. Kane informs Turok that the cartel turned out to be the wrong target, and that they would kill every peasant in the country if they needed to.

Turok retorts, saying "No innocents," to which Kane coldly states "It's just a girl," before arming his ORO HOG 9mm Handgun and shooting her, killing her immediately, and leaving Turok shaken.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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