Zoo Animals (PC) (3)



Eocene epoch

Average height:

4-5 feet tall


Multi-horned face


The Uintatherium is a prehistoric rhino-like creature featured in Turok: Evolution. It is rarely seen in the single player, but it is encountered in the "Zoo" mini-level.


This creature's appearance is quite unique. It is brown and looks very similar to the rhinoceros of the present day. However, the skull of this creature sports six dull horns upon the frontal area near the snout.

This creature is a quadruped and is similar in size to the aforementioned rhino. Three are seen during the "Hunter's Peril" level drinking out of the river that the player appears in after swimming through an underwater cave. Groups of them appear in the level "Mine Fields." They are not present at these locations in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.


These creatures are completely docile and will not attack the player, no matter how much they are provoked. They are also exempt from the Sleg's wrath as the Sleg troops will not attack them. They are able to take quite a beating from the player's early-game weapons although they are still weaker than the Triceratops in "Into the Jungle."

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