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Tyrannosaurus Rex









Average height:

12.3 m (40 ft) in length, up to 4 metres (13 ft) tall at the hips

Average weight:

6.8 metric tons (7.5 short tons)


Large head, small two-fingered arms

Average lifespan:

Average 30 years

Notable groups:


Other nomenclature:



The Tyrannosaurus Rex or T.Rex, is a large theropod dinosaur that appears throughout the Turok franchise.

In the video games, the T.Rex appears mostly as a boss and in some cases, it appears as a mini-boss.

Acclaim VariantsEdit

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Edit

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter had one sole T.Rex in the game. A massive, green T.Rex by the name of Thunder. This Tyrannosaurus acts as a boss battle, and features multiple attacks, such as a laser eye, and flame breath, which is forcefully ejected out of its mouth.

This T.Rex is very large, being just over the average size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in reality. This is the only T.Rex in Dinosaur Hunter.

Turok: Evolution Edit

Turok: Evolution possesses two Tyrannosauruses. One is encountered early on, in the third chapter, during Summit Battle. It's feral, bearing allegiance to no one, and it's seen devouring a Brachiosaurus.

In terms of health, it's relatively weak, and is realistic in terms of appearance and performance. Unlike Dinosaur Hunter, this T.Rex is a deeper brown color.

The second T.Rex is under the command of Captain Tobias Bruckner. It's armed with Miniguns, Flamethrowers, and armor, which can cause the player sever physical harm. It acts as a boss battle, with immense health, and is a oblique reference to Thunder, who acted in a strikingly similar manner to this Tyrannosaur.

Propaganda VariantsEdit

Propaganda Games had a few variants of the Tyrannosaurus species spread out over their games. Turok (2008) had one sole T.Rex in the game, with Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rexes being present in one level.

Turok (2008)Edit

There are multiple T.Rexes found in this game. The games antagonist is a Tyrannosaurus named Mama Scarface, her offspring are found in Mother Superior and there are also skeletons of T.Rexes scattered throughout the game, implying that the planet is host to many Tyrannosauruses. Scarface and her offspring are both very dangerous adversaries and can easily incapacitate or kill the player.

Turok 2 Edit

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Turok 2)






Terraformed Planet




Red coloration and small spine (Jungle T-Rex) Brown-ish bronze color and rocky scaled body (Desert T-Rex) Large bulky size, green coloration and small ridge on the spinal area (Swamp T-Rex)


25-30 years.

Other Nomenclature:



While most T.Rexes in the franchise have been the same general species, Turok 2 was going to incorporate variants based on their environment.

Jungle T.RexEdit

There was also a Jungle Rex variant which would have appeared in the jungles of Turok 2. This Rex was a red-ish orange color with a ridge of large and sharp spines going down the spinal ridge.

Its size is proportionate to Mama Scarface (Based on the concept art) and it was going to have been exclusive to the jungles.

Desert T.RexEdit

The Desert Rex was a variant of Rex that is found in the desert. The Rex would have hard stone-like scales on it's body. A short video showing the Desert Rex hinted at the dinosaurs scales being able to deflect the large amounts of ammunition fired at it.

Swamp T.RexEdit

The Swamp T.Rex would've appeared in the swamps of Turok 2. It is the third variant that would've been seen. It is large, very bulky and muscular and it, like the Jungle T.Rex had a ridge of spines going down the spinal area.

This Rexes spines were more toned down and rounded compared to the Jungle variant. Its skin is a green-ish color with some areas being tinted a black color. This variants concept art suggests its size to be larger than Mama Scarface or the other Turok 2 variants.

In the ComicsEdit

Tyrannosaurus appears in every incarnation of the Turok comic book series.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (Dynamite Entertainment)Edit

Main article: Tyrannosaurus (Dynamite Comics)

Tyrannosaurus rex features heavily in the Dynamite Turok: Dinosaur Hunter series. It is notable as the first incarnation T. rex in the Turok franchise to be depicted with feathers, as per current scientific understanding of the animal.


  • In the comics, the T.Rex appears with 3 fingers in several issues. This is most likely due to artistic license. In reality however, a recent specimen now displayed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science has a three fingered Rex. It is unknown if this is due to a mutation, recessive gene appearing, or that all Tyrannosaurs had 3 fingers and this is the first specimen found with the third finger intact.

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