Turok developer testing maps




Joseph Turok




Unknown (presumably MG base)


Unknown (depends on gametype)


The Turok developer testing maps (or DevTest for short) are a select few unreleased and mostly unrendered multiplayer and campaign maps seen in Turok's PC port. Players are able to access them only on the PC version through the game's code.


These maps do not have much of a description. They mainly consist of untextured and unrendered areas that contain things like buttons, doors (which are openable), and even dinosaurs on some maps. A few maps include static MG Solder character models that will not move, no matter what the player does. However, one map has animated MG models, and another even has a Roland Kane model.

The dinosaurs are animated and will make attempts on the player's life. The dinosaur species featured on these maps include Utahraptors, Tyrannosaurus rexes, and even the Giganotosaurus. All of the creatures are able to be killed, including the Giganotosaurus; however, the latter lacks a death animation and instead just ragdolls and falls to the ground in an unorganized heap.

On one map, there is the model of an unknown sea serpent. It is possible that this might be the Water Beast, though it appears to be much too large and lacks the Water Beast's tentacles. 

The maps do not feature weapon pickups. Instead the player needs to use console commands to access weapons. Because of this, all weapons are available for the player to use.