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Turok 2 (Teaser)

The Turok 2 teaser is a pre-rendered teaser for Turok 2. It was created by Plastic Wax Animation,[1] a company well known for creating content for video games. The music featured in the teaser is reused from Turok and is the theme used for both the Giganotosaurus and Mama Scarface.

The teaser was first seen on January 27, 2012, after a YouTube user uploaded it to the aforementioned website. It is currently one of two pieces of video media that exists of the cancelled title, and it shows a Tyrannosaurus rex attacking a Mendel-Gruman compound in the desert.


The teaser begins immediately with a Desert Tyrannosaurus rex variant smashing down the entrance to a Mendel-Gruman base, inadvertently killing one MG Soldier.

As it stumbles forward, the remaining soldiers in the base open fire on the creature, to no effect, as the latter gives off a loud snarl. One of the soldiers attempts to run, only for the Tyrannosaurus to take two strides, grab him in its jaws, and eat him, ignoring the rest of its attackers.

It then rears back slightly and lets out a loud roar before the camera pans to Joseph Turok, revealing his new aesthetic, as the teaser ends.

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  • The Tyrannosaurus rex present in this teaser shares an eye scar with Mama Scarface.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Kanal von UnseenResurf (January 27, 2012). "Turok 2 [PS3/Xbox 360 - Cancelled]". YouTube. Accessed August 22, 2016.
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