Turok 2: Seeds of Evil multiplayer

Iguana Entertainment


Acclaim Entertainment


Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows

Release date(s):

December 10, 1998 (N64)
January 31, 1999 (PC)


First-person shooter


Multiplayer is a playable mode that is common in video games and is first introduced in the second Turok entry, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

The multiplayer in Seeds of Evil is notable for its gameplay being modified from the single-player mode. This mode was made to be much more frantic and fast-paced.


During development, a multiplayer mode was suggested as a last-minute addition for Seeds of Evil, due to fan-demand and the recent rise of popularity for including multiplayer modes into first-person shooters, the latter being caused by RareWare's best-selling FPS competitor, GoldenEye 007, that was released several months after Turok: Dinosaur Hunter's release.

The mode features up to 11 playable characters, all with unique stats and appearances. Some of the characters include Tal'Set, Adon, the Campaigner, and even a Raptor. The multiplayer features three different modes, including the standard Team Deathmatch and the unique Frag Tag.

Multiplayer is a very customizable experience, allowing the host to choose which weapons will or will not be available in the match. The mode also has a variety of stages and can change the theme of the arenas, which basically changes the texture pack of the stage. The player even has the option of changing the speed of all characters.

The multiplayer features up to 10 weapons, all from single player but altered for balancing reasons.

Console MultiplayerEdit

The Nintendo 64 version of Seeds of Evil differs greatly from its PC equivalent. Most notably, all of the stages are entirely original, and none are taken from the single-player. It allows for up to a total of four player splitscreen gameplay.

This version has a total of 11 characters and features two unique weapons that are not available in single-player.


The console version of this mode is much faster paced than single-player mode. All characters have unique stats and can carry up to 10 weapons. The arenas feature a variety of different elements such as water, lava, ladders, and portals.

As far as features go, the mode has three different modes, the main modes being Blood Lust (Deathmatch) and Team Blood {Team Deathmatch}. Seeds of Evil's multiplayer introduces a unique mode known as Frag Tag, where one player is transformed into a monkey and cannot use weapons. The player can alter the time limit in any of these modes.

Lastly, the N64 version includes a very strange glitch where bosses can be fought with two players.


Underwater WeaponsEdit

All ModesEdit

  • Blood Lust - Deathmatch
  • Frag Tag - One player is transformed into a monkey and must reach a certain spot to return to normal. Another player then becomes the monkey and so on.
  • Team Blood - 2-on-2 Team Deathmatch


Image Map Map Type
Experimentata Blood Lust/Team Blood
Moonlit Mayhem Blood Lust/Team Blood
Endangered Species Blood Lust/Team Blood
Vulcan's Forge Blood Lust/Team Blood
Teleportastic Blood Lust/Team Blood
MirrororriM Blood Lust/Team Blood
Fish in a Barrel Blood Lust/Team Blood
H 2 Whoa! Blood Lust/Team Blood
Escheria Blood Lust/Team Blood
Mosh Crypt Blood Lust/Team Blood
Squares Cubed Blood Lust/Team Blood
Crazy Eight Blood Lust/Team Blood
Bullseye Blood Lust/Team Blood
Madhouse! Frag Tag
Sneaks 'n' Ladders Frag Tag
Snap Frag Tag
Primattica Frag Tag
Y.N.G.W.T.S.F. Frag Tag
Crossfire Frag Tag

PC MultiplayerEdit

While the console multiplayer offers four-player splitscreen gameplay, the PC port of Seeds of Evil differs greatly in terms of features. All stages have been replaced with arenas based on areas visited in single-player, and rather than splitscreen play, the entire mode is played online between other players.

This version includes 11 playable characters that retain their stats from the console version. Instead of having eight modified weapons for multiplayer, 20 weapons from single player are available, including underwater weapons.

These weapons all retain their functions seen in single player, with the exception of the Scorpion Launcher, which had its lock-on feature removed. Other weapons, such as the PFM Layer and Razor Wind, have been removed due to balancing reasons.


The PC port of Seeds of Evil's multiplayer is highly expanded upon; it now features four new multiplayer modes, including four extra downloadable modes, adding up to a total of nine different modes. Unlike the N64 version, this game lacks Frag Tag. Like before, the pace of the gameplay has been tweaked to be much faster and frantic.

The game retains its character roster, arenas are now larger and open, and 20 weapons are available from single-player mode. The arenas are modified versions of areas visited in single-player, an example being the City Gate stage, which is based on the "Slaughter by the River of Souls" level and has been downscaled for faster navigation throughout the arena.

Along with new stages, the four new multiplayer modes include Rok Arena, a mode where two players face off in a duel and the winner fights the next player in line while the loser sits out and waits for their turn to come up again. If the winner loses, they must also sit out and so on.

Lastly, up to 16 players can be in a server at once, and communication is done via text chat. By typing any number between 1-80 in the text chat and pressing Enter, a character-specific Taunt will play.

All ModesEdit

  • Rok Match - Deathmatch mode
  • Team Rok Match - Team Deathmatch mode
  • Arena - Two-player duels
  • Team Arena - One member from each team battles in the arena to claim victory for their team.
  • Capture the Flag - Capture the enemy's flag and return it to the ally's base to score points for your team.
  • Rok Arena - Be the first to reach the score limit in a one-on-one deathmatch, and the winner fights the next player in line.
  • Team Rok Arena - Be the first team to reach the score limit. The winning team fights the next team in line.
  • Rok CTF Match - Be the first to reach the score limit. All matches are played on Capture the Flag stages.
  • Team Rok CTF Match - Be the first team to reach the score limit. All matches are played on Capture the Flag stages.


Image Map Map Type
The Queen's Lair Arena/Team Arena
Mother Arena Arena/Team Arena
The Control Room Arena/Team Arena
Blind One's Den Arena/Team Arena
The Harbor Arena/Team Arena
The City Arena/Team Arena
The Marsh Arena/Team Arena
The Cave Arena/Team Arena
The Hive Arena/Team Arena
Twong's Spire Arena/Team Arena
Talisman Room Arena/Team Arena
The Graveyard Capture the Flag
The Swamp Capture the Flag
The Hive Capture the Flag
The City Capture the Flag
The Marshes Capture the Flag
Harbor9 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Caves1 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
City2 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Marshes1 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Caves2 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Harbor3 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
City4 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Harbor2 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Primagen1 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Harbor5 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
City3 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Caves3 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Harbor1 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
City1 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Temple Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Harbor6 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
Marshes5 Rok Match/Team Rok Match
City5 Rok Match/Team Rok Match


All ModesEdit

  • Rok Match - Deathmatch mode
  • Team Rok Match - Team Deathmatch mode
  • Frag Tag - One player is transformed into a monkey and must reach a certain spot to return to normal. Another player then becomes the monkey and so on.
  • Last Turok Standing - All players spawn with all weapons and 250 health. The last player alive at the end of a round wins.
  • Rok Mix - Deathmatch mode, but each player spawns with a random weapon. Nintendo 64-specific weapons, such as the Assault Rifle and the single rocket variant of the Scorpion Launcher, are also included in this mode.
  • Insta Rok[1] - Deathmatch mode, but each player spawns with a Plasma Rifle with infinite ammo as their only weapon. Additionally, each player has only one health point.
  • Raptor Fest[1] - One or more players faces off against never ending waves of enemies from the single-player game.


Image Map
Moonlit Mayhem[1]
Endangered Species[1]
Vulcan's Forge
H 2 Whoa!
Mosh Crypt
Crazy Eight[2]
Lair of Oblivion


Seeds of Evil's multiplayer mode features up to 11 playable characters, all with unique stats and appearances.

Turok (Joshua Fireseed)Edit

"A well-rounded fighter. Turok is swift and sure."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

As the current Turok, Joshua takes his fighting skills to the arena.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Average
Size: Average
Health: 100
Quote: I am Turok!

Special AbilitiesEdit



"A nimble warrior, her mystical powers of regeneration make up for her vulnerability."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

The Speaker of Forever Light may not be seen fighting often, but she proves to be a worthy opponent in battle.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Great
Size: Slim
Health: 60
Quote: I am Adon.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Health Regeneration: One health point every three seconds


"This ruthless dinosoid is very hard to conquer, and can revive once attacked."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

This very strange and self-absorbed Dinosoid is much more skilled than he appears. He can prove to be a superb fighter.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Good
Size: Nimble
Health: 80
Quote: I impress myself!

Special AbilitiesEdit

Health Regeneration: One health point every five seconds

Flesh EaterEdit

"This nasty fellow has an evil aura that will harm those who venture too close. Fast and versatile, he is a deadly opponent."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

A generic Flesh Eater, these strange creatures serve an evil entity who only seeks to consume different worlds and destroy the universe. This one happens to be of the Death Guard rank.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Poor
Size: Heavy
Health: 120
Quote: More meat for the table!

Special AbilitiesEdit

Death Aura: Inflicts damage on nearby opponents
Starts with a Shotgun, complete w/ 20 shells (PC only)


"This fearsome warrior is slow and brutal. A sluggish beast, his attacks are powerful."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

A large, green-skinned, armored creature that comes from the primitive ape-like race of the Purr-Lin. This one is of the Juggernaut rank and is not very intelligent, though he can still be ruthless towards his opponents.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Poor
Size: Large
Health: 140
Quote: Goodie, goodie for me!

Special AbilitiesEdit

Starts with a Shotgun, complete w/ 20 shells (PC only)


"A huge, powerful descendant of T-Rex, this merciless creature is fond of blood. Make sure it's not yours!"
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

These vicious creatures are part of a race of genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids. They serve in an army of Dinosoids under the orders of the Primagen. They are quite skilled at fighting and ranged attacks.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Average
Size: Large
Health: 100
Quote: Superb!

Special AbilitiesEdit



"This fiery creature is eager for a chance to prove his considerable battle prowess."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

This unique variant of Endtrail comes from the deep, lava-coated caverns of the Lost Land. They can resist extreme temperatures and possess the power to throw balls of lava at will.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Good
Size: Slim
Health: 90
Quote: Superb!

Special AbilitiesEdit

Resistance to lava


This strange character appears to be an average man sporting blue jeans, a white T-shirt, a backwards red cap, and tennis shoes. It is unknown how he entered in the Lost Land or why he appears. This character possesses no dialogue. Iggy's name is an allusion to Iguana Entertainment's mascot, and during gameplay, Iggy's face texture will randomly cycle through the faces of various Seeds of Evil team members upon each death.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Health: 100

Special AbilitiesEdit



The maniacal cyborg from Dinosaur Hunter returns, seeking revenge on Tal'Set and the Lost Land.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Bad
Size: Large
Health: 120
Quote: Haha! Give up while you still can!

Special AbilitiesEdit



M-tal 10
"Perhaps the greatest Turok of all, Tal'Set now brings all his knowledge and fighting skill to the Death Match."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

After passing the mantle, Tal'Set still continues to defend the Lost Land, and guides the new Turok throughout his missions.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Bad
Size: Large
Health: 110
Quote: Only the strong survive.

Special AbilitiesEdit



"This vicious beast can't hold a weapon, but its speed and power make it more than a match, even for well-armed foes."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil manual[3]

The Raptor is a generic dinosaur that appears in numerous areas in the Lost Land. This ferocious, reptilian creature has no other purpose but to kill in order to survive.

Player StatsEdit

Speed: Excellent
Size: Nimble
Health: 100
Quote: *warning call*

Special AbilitiesEdit

Jumps high
Uses claws


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil's multiplayer was met with generally positive reactions by fans and gamers alike. The electronic entertainment website IGN praised the amount of freedom to customize the matches and its cast of playable characters. Most attention was drawn towards the successful integration of a playable raptor character into the roster. The maps were met with positive reception, too, mostly due to all arenas featuring different hazards and environments, and praised for having diversity in the arenas.[4]

Not all of the features were well received, however; many criticized the fact that 4-player matches frequently drop in frame rate due to the game trying to process the hi-res graphics while the players fight. It was noted that 2-player matches would run much more smoothly than 4-player matches and would only drop frame rate on occasion.


  • In some versions, Tal'Set's name is misspelled Tel Set.
  • The character Iggy wears a t-shirt with the Turok 2 logo on it. This caused some speculation that Iggy was supposed to be either a Turok fan or an Iguana Employee. To add to the confusion, the Acclaim-published strategy guide for Seeds of Evil writes that this character is Joshua Fireseed's civilian identity.
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil would later become the only Turok game of the original series to support online play.

Notes and referencesEdit

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