The arsenal of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil features a total of 27 weapons: two dinosaur-mounted anti-personnel artillery pieces, 21 land-based weapons, two water-based weapons, and two multiplayer-only weapons.

Each weapon fits within its own niche of uses, whether it is melee combat, long range sniping, or mass destruction.

Below is a list of all available weapons as well as the available pick ups featured in the game:

Land-based WeaponsEdit

Water-based WeaponsEdit

Multiplayer Weapons (N64 Only)Edit

Pick Ups (Single Player Only)Edit

  • Health Pick Ups: Restore health according to the list below.
    • Silver Cross: Restores 2 HP, can be stacked up to 200 HP.
    • Blue Cross: Restores 10 HP, cannot be stacked past the default 100 HP.
    • Orange Cross: Restores the player's health back to the default 100 HP.
    • Gold Cross: Grants an additional 100 HP, allowing the player to reach up to 200 HP.
  • Life Force Diamonds: Grants additional lives after collecting 100.
    • Yellow LF: Grants +1 LF to your bank.
    • Red LF: Grants +10 LF to your bank.

Sacred TalismansEdit

The Sacred Talismans are a set of magical artifacts that grant Turok preternatural powers. Some Talismans require the player to step on specific tiles in order to activate the power, while others grant passive abilities that stay active. The Talismans are granted to the player whenever they collect a level's Sacred Eagle Feather and bring it to that same level's Warp Portal. The powers they provide are usually required in order to acquire the Primagen Keys.


List of AppearancesEdit

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