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Image Gallery - Box artEdit

Image Gallery - Promotional artEdit

Image Gallery - Strategy guides and manualsEdit

Image Gallery - MagazinesEdit

Francais 64 Soluces no. 4 (1999) Edit

Arcade no. 01 (December 1998) Edit

Arcade no. 03 (February 1999) Edit

Francais Le Magazine Officiel Nintendo no. 13 (March 1999)Edit

Nintendo Official Magazine (UK) no. 76 (January 1999) Edit

Consoles + no. 083 (December 1998) Edit

Edge no. 63 (October 1998) Edit

GamePro no. 124 (January 1999) Edit

Gameplay 64 no. 10 (November 1998) Edit

Image Gallery - Screenshots (Beta)Edit

Image Gallery - ScreenshotsEdit

Multiplayer Edit

Image Gallery - ComicsEdit

Image Gallery - MiscellaneousEdit

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