Throughout history, a Native American family lineage has secretly protected Earth from the invasion of races of evolved dinosaurs and other alien life forms which come from a world of constant chaos, the Lost Land of Galyanna.

These warriors are given the title of Turok, which in the Saquin tongue means Son of Stone, Child of the Land or Protector of the Earth.

The mantle of Turok is passed down from one generation to another, the eldest son of the previous Turok typically honored with the title and its duties. In times of need, however, a female or another male member of the Fireseed family may bear the burden. The title of Turok is exclusive to the Fireseed family. Past, present and future Turok warriors must come from the Fireseed family as the burden of responsibility is far too heavy to anyone not familiar with the ways of the Turok.

Known TuroksEdit

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