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Turok is a young Native American warrior and lead character in Dynamite Entertainment's 2014 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comic book series. He represents the fifth reboot of the character in the franchise and the fourth bearing the name Turok.


Turok is a quiet and solitary individual. He begins the series as an outcast, living alone in the forest and shunned by his former tribe for the actions of his deceased parents. Though he has the option to return to the tribe if he pays his parent's debt, he refuses, stating he believes that "alone is better".

Turok is extremely skilled in combat and wilderness survival. He is shown to be adept at hunting, fishing and constructing traps. His combat achievements include besting three warriors in hand-to-hand combat simultaneously.

In the ComicsEdit

In Issue #1 Turok is introduced at his home, saving a lizard from a crow. While fishing, Andar, Timo and Kobo ambush Turok and take him to the tribal elder, whom instructs Turok to pay his parent's debt and return to the tribe. When Turok refuses and returns to his camp, he finds Andar and his henchmen have burned his totems and killed his pets. Turok engages in a chase with the three tribesmen, but their combat is cut short when the group are attacked by a pack of Red Drake. Turok kills the dinosaurs with a log trap he had intended to use on the three warriors.

List of AppearancesEdit

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