Issue01 TheEmptySouls
Publication information

Acclaim Comics

  • Quarterly (April 1997—April 1998)
  • Monthly (March—June 1998)
Start date:

April 1997

End date:

August 2002

Creative team
  • Fabian Nicieza
  • Evan Skolnick
  • Troy Hickman
  • Christopher Priest
  • Shon C. Bury
  • James Perham
  • Rafael Kayanan
  • Paul Gulacy
  • Chris Batista
  • Rags Morales
  • Robert Teranishi
  • Ryan Benjamin
  • Mat Broome
  • Mitch Byrd
  • Oscar Jimenez
  • Jon Bosco
  • Mike Mikolajczyk
  • Rafael Kayanan
  • Charles Yoakum
  • Rodney Ramos
  • Don Hillsman II
  • Sean Parsons
  • Sal Regla
  • Thomas Florimonte
  • Eduardo Alpuente
  • James E. Lyle
  • Atomic Paintbrush
  • Digital Broome
  • Carol VanHook
  • Buzz Setzer
Cover artist(s):
  • Rafael Kayanan
  • Paul Gulacy
  • John Beatty
  • Atomic Paintbrush
  • Rags Morales
  • Don Hillsman II
  • David Mack
  • Ashley Wood
  • Manny Carrasco
  • Danny Miki
  • Greg Adams
  • Darryl Banks
  • Buzz Setzer
  • Dave Lanphear
  • Oscar Gongora
  • Siobhan Hanna
  • Chris Eliopoulos
  • VanHook Studios
  • Michael Vaccaro
  • Omar Banmally
  • Lynaire Thompson
  • Jeff Gomez
  • Mike Marts
  • James Perham
  • Buzz Setzer

Turok is a series of comics created and published by Acclaim Entertainment's comics division, Acclaim Comics. The series is heavily influenced by the original video games in the franchise and therefore mainly focuses on two main characters: Joshua Fireseed and Tal'Set.


Cover GalleryEdit

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