Turok: Original Soundtrack



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The Turok: Original Soundtrack is the score for Turok.

Track ListingEdit

  1. A Hostile Planet[1] (Menu Theme)
  2. New Arrivals[2]
  3. Desperation[3]
  4. Unexpected Help[4]
  5. Tec-Bow Practice[5]
  6. Bloody Round Dance[6]
  7. Valley of Death[7]
  8. Raptor's Lair[8]
  9. We're Being Watched[9]
  10. Dilophosaurs![10]
  11. A Dastard Ambush[11]
  12. Elite Force[12]
  13. Into The Jungle
  14. Close To The Claws
  15. Something Moved In The Trees
  16. You Killed My Babies
  17. Just Another Fossil
  18. Let's Lure Them
  19. Outposts Everywhere
  20. Try To Avoid Me
  21. Lost And Found And Lost
  22. Danger Draws Near (T-Rex's Nest)
  23. Gigantic Threat (Scarface/Giganotosaurus Boss Theme)
  24. Sniper Skirmish
  25. Reinforcements
  26. When Sun Sets
  27. Spider Mech Battle
  28. What Are Those Creatures
  29. They Come Out When Night Has Fallen
  30. Where Light Barely Reaches
  31. Heart Of The World
  32. Primeval Wrath (Sea Serpent Boss Theme)
  33. Doubtful Power
  34. Not Yet Extinct
  35. The Long Way Home


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