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August 26, 2002


First-person shooter


Multiplayer is a playable mode that was first introduced to the Turok franchise in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


Multiplayer in Turok: Evolution can support up to four players on one console in split-screen format. There is no online play.

The mode features many characters from the single-player campaign such as Tal'SetGenn, and some Suspended City marines. There is only one saurian species that is playable: the Utahraptor. Multiplayer features modes like Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and a re-made mode called Monkey Tag, among others. A new mode called Hunter is introduced to the game.

Multiplayer in the game is customizable like in Seeds of Evil. It allows the host to change factors like the weapons the player can start with, the ammo of said weapons, and even enables them to enable things like team-killing and invulnerability.

However, unlike Seeds of Evil, multiplayer characters do not have special abilities or differing health factors. In place of this are special armor pickups placed throughout the map like the Death Helm and Empathy Chest Plate or even the Jump Boots


The gameplay of Evolution's multiplayer is more fast-paced instead of the slower paced campaign. Gameplay in modes like Death Match or Team Death Match is more fast paced than the slower paced Monkey Tag, in which players compete to hold onto a monkey for a set amount of time. Capture the Flag involves the teams trying to find and bring back a torch to their home base.

The time limit can be set for each of these modes.

Multiplayer also contains some unique weapons that are not found in single-player modes. One such weapon is the Crossbow, which combines the powers of the Bow and the Tek Bow into one weapon.


Multiplayer in Turok: Evolution has many weapons at the player's disposal. All weapons have their single-player stats, and they have all of their attachments present, so there is no need to find them. However, ammo still needs to be obtained. This is negated by the "unlimited ammo" setting (and/or cheat).


  • Death Helm - This helm will decrease health every second by five until the user dies. However, this also increases damage dealt by the wielder drastically.
  • Empathy Chest Plate - This armor piece takes half the usual damage of an attack while deflecting the other half back at the attacker.
  • Jump Boots - These boots can increase the user's jump drastically, allowing them to reach higher vantage points for better advantages against opponents. They can only be used three times each before a new one must be picked up.
  • Shield Belt - This belt gives the player a reflective energy shield that deflects almost every attack except for the most powerful. A glowing ball of energy is shot from the player wearing it when they are hurt, and it flies toward the one who hurt them. However, if the enemy retreats and the energy ball does not make contact within a certain time limit, it will disappear, similar to the tracking effect on the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Cannon.
  • Cloaking Belt - This belt can render a player invisible for a short time.


Idols are a pickup exclusive to multiplayer. They increase some aspect of the player who obtains it. There are four in total. They reset upon death and collecting all five can effectively double whatever aspect the Idol represents.

  • Damage Idol - This idol permanently increase the amount of damage a player can do by 20% while they are still alive.
  • Health Idol - This idol permanently increases a player's health by 20 while they are alive.
  • Regeneration Idol - This idol allows the player to regenerate health 20% faster every time they collect one. This is a very effective Idol alongside the Health Idol for staying alive longer.
  • Speed Idol - This Idol increases the maximum running speed of a player.

Multiplayer modesEdit

As with any game that has multiplayer, Turok: Evolution features an array of modes to play. These include:

  • Death Match, Team Death Match, and Beginner Death Match - Fight on teams, solo, or with pre-set settings from the game.
  • Hunter - Score points by killing as the Hunter. Kill the Hunter to become one.
  • Capture the Flag & One Flag - Steal the other team's fire and return it to your own base. For One Flag both teams fight for one flag to bring back to base.
  • Last Man - Battle to be the last alive in each round of death.
  • Monkey Tag - Hold on to the Monkey. Person who holds it the longest wins.
  • Turok Fight and Team Turok Fight - Team up using only Bows and the War Club.
  • Warrior Rage - Making multiple kills without dying increases your power.
  • Blood Bath - Players start with all weapons.
  • Sniper Match - Snipers and Bows. Only headshots count.
  • Flight - Fight to the death on the backs of Quetzalcoatlus.

All of these descriptions are from the manual of Turok: Evolution.


Turok: Evolution has a wealth of maps to wage war on. All 15 maps are summarized here:

Image Map Description
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (10) Palace of Lamia Beware. The forgotten people of this place do not like trespassers.
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (11) Tears of Horatio These once proud ships now rest in desert graves.
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (13) Tristess Temple Dark magics still reside in this ancient shrine.
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (15) Selkirk Complex Is it really safer in the trees, than below them?
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (12) Swampy Abodes Only the most deadly creatures can survive the night.
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (3) Sands of Hueyon "Thank the heavens for heavy ordnance." - General Hueyon, 551
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (2) Regnereb Arena "I do not kill because I enjoy death. I fight to seek it." - Regnereb, 427
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (9) Oasis "Peace and tranquility. You will find none of that here." - Lieutenant Smythe, 403
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (8) Dark Jungle Evil eyes behind every tree
Only a dark cave to hide in
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (4) Withering Heights "The best advice is to just not look down." - Sergeant Elyk 534
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (5) Slag Base All of those barrels and crates have to come from somewhere.
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (14) Nehpets Towers "Build to the sky upon the backs of the dead." - Nehpets, 521
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (1) Dino Depot "The only good sniper, is a dead one." - Colonel Gawranik, 482
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (6) Lost Temple "This place only reeks of death." - Admiral Cowlishank, 342
Turok Evolution Multiplayer Levels (7) Sorrow Canyon "Even soaring high above doesn't hide the smell of burning flesh." - Marshall Gamblane, 601

Playable charactersEdit

Turok: Evolution features a massive character selection. There are 25 characters to select ranging from Sleg Soldiers, Suspended City marines, and even Utahraptors. Every character is statistically matched so no one character is superior to the other, aside from perhaps their ability to blend into the environment. The main character selection includes:

Image Character Description Quotes
Tal'Set Multi Tal'Set The first Turok.
"I am ready."
—Confirmation Quote
"My aim will be true."
—Confirmation Quote
Djunn Multi Djunn An elite soldier of the River Village.
"I will defend my honor."
—Confirmation Quote
"This is gonna be fun!"
—Confirmation Quote
Bruckner Multi Tobias Bruckner
"A vicious Indian fighter from the American West, in the Lost Land Bruckner has the perfect means and opportunity to wreck destruction as he commands his minions."
—Manual Description
"A wise choice."
—Confirmation Quote
"Let the game begin!"
—Confirmation Quote
WiseFather Multi Wise Father The leader of the River Village.
"The mind is stronger than the arm."
—Confirmation Quote
"It is my honor to fight."
—Confirmation Quote
Genn Multi Genn Genn is one of the most skilled pilots in the Lost Land. She accompanies Tal'Set on every aerial mission.
"That's it, baby!"
—Confirmation Quote
NyGulkuk Multi Ny Gulkuk A River Village soldier.
"May the gods give me strength."
—Confirmation Quote
"I will do my best."
—Confirmation Quote
Xon Multi Xon A Sleg Monk.
"Death from a distance!"
—Confirmation Quote
"I will destroy them all!"
—Confirmation Quote
Zrannis Multi Zrannis A Sleg Captain.
"Battle! Blood! Glory!"
—Confirmation Quote
"Death to all who oppose me!"
—Confirmation Quote
Metalhead Multi Metalhead A River Villager.
"When do I get to fight?"
—Confirmation Quote
Retsnom Multi Retsnom A Sleg Rapier.
"They will be tamed."
—Confirmation Quote
"I shall make them my pets."
—Confirmation Quote
Crust Multi Crust Crust is a sergeant of the Suspended City marines, as seen by his detailed helmet.
"Victory will be mine, ladies!"
—Confirmation Quote
"Yes, sir!"
—Confirmation Quote
Silvac Multi Silvac A Sleg Scout.
"It begins."
—Confirmation Quote
"I will make Tyrannus proud!"
—Confirmation Quote
Lang Multi Lang Lang is a member of the Suspended City Senate.
"I will do my duty."
—Confirmation Quote
"Ancestors, grant me strength."
—Confirmation Quote
Jrog Multi Jrog A Sleg Guard.
"Blood will spill!"
—Confirmation Quote
"Who dares challenge me?"
—Confirmation Quote
Balrock Multi Balrock A Sleg Sergeant.
"I must break them!"
—Confirmation Quote
"My claws are sharp."
—Confirmation Quote
Venom Multi Venom A Sleg Sniper.
"I will destroy them all!"
—Confirmation Quote
"Death from a distance!"
—Confirmation Quote
Brok Multi Brok A Sleg Soldier.
"Blood will spill!"
—Confirmation Quote
"Who dares challenge me?"
—Confirmation Quote
Lizzar Multi Lizzar A Sleg Raptor Handler.
"I shall make them my pets."
—Confirmation Quote
"They will be tamed."
—Confirmation Quote
Gerbur Multi Gerbur Gerber is a soldier in the Suspended City marines.
"Oh boy..."
—Confirmation Quote
"This is not good."
—Confirmation Quote
Jaz Multi Jaz Jaz is a member of the Suspended City marines.
—Confirmation Quote
"I feel warm all over."
—Confirmation Quote
Duncun Multi Duncan Duncan is a soldier from Galyanna.
"Victory will be mine, ladies!"
—Confirmation Quote
"Yes, sir!"
—Confirmation Quote
Yoran Multi Yoran Yoran is a member of the Suspended City Senate.
"Once more into the breach!"
—Confirmation Quote
"To battle!"
—Confirmation Quote
Meakrous Multi Meakrous A Sleg Worker.
"Why me?!"
—Confirmation Quote
"No, no! Not again!"
—Confirmation Quote
Anep Multi Anep Anep is a Utahraptor.
Malk Multi Malk Malk is also a Utahraptor.


  • If all five Health Regeneration Idols are picked up and used in conjunction with the Death Helm, the negative effects of it can be negated, aside from the annoyance generated by the constant red flash of losing health on the player's screen, and the grunt of the player as they are hurt.
  • The turrets in multiplayer have a glitched FPS view in which the turret is raised right into the player's field of view obscuring the player's vision massively. This is not the case with the single-player mode.
  • Water in multiplayer shows no "impact splashes" when shot at, unlike the water in the single-player campaign.
  • A Nuke can be found for the Rocket Launcher in three of the maps.
  • If the player kills someone in multiplayer with the secondary function of the Dark Matter Cube, a glitch can sometimes occur where whenever that player dies afterwards, their dead body appears small.
Multiplayer Maps of Turok: Evolution
Ground Maps Palace of LamiaTears of HoratioTristess TempleSelkirk ComplexSwampy AbodesSands of HueyonRegnereb ArenaOasisDark JungleWithering HeightsSlag BaseNehpets TowersDino Depot
Airbourne Maps Lost TempleSorrow Canyon

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