Turok: Dinosaur Hunter features a total of 15 weapons, four Health pick ups, and five power ups scattered across all levels, some hidden inside Warp Gates and others hidden behind secret passageways.

Below is a list of all weapons and items.


All weapons in order of appearance.

Health Pick UpsEdit

All available Health Pick Ups.

  • Silver Cross: Restores two HP, can stack up to the maximum amount of 250 Health.
  • Blue Cross: Restores 25 HP, cannot stack beyond the default 100 Health.
  • Orange Cross: Restores health back to the default 100 points.
  • Gold Cross: Gives the player an extra 100 HP, can stack up to max of 250 Health.

Power UpsEdit

All available Power Ups.

  • Life Force Triangles: Grants an extra life (up to nine extra lives maximum) once 100 have been collected. After nine extra lives are collected, you may collect a final 100 life force which unlocks the Infinite Lives cheat code. Afterwards the player will be unable to collect any more life force unless an extra life is lost.
    • Yellow LF: Grants +1 Life Force.
    • Purple LF: Grants +10 Life Force.
  • Mortal Wound: Chance to be obtained when the player kills a human enemy with a single knife attack or regular arrow, restores five HP, cannot be stacked beyond 125 HP.
  • Spiritual Invincibility: Grants temporary invincibility to the player, enemies also move at a slower pace and all projectiles travel much slower.
  • Tek Armor: Gives the player 25 additional Armor Points, which protect the player's health from damage. It also takes more punishment compared to regular health.
  • Backpack: Allows the player to carry double the ammunition for all bullet, shotgun, grenade, rocket, and fusion cell weapon types; disappears upon the player's death.


List of AppearancesEdit

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