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"Dark magics still reside in this ancient shrine."
Turok: Evolution

Tristess Temple is the third multiplayer map featured in Turok: Evolution. This map takes place during the night in a massive, circular temple.


This map is a symmetric map. It is multi-leveled, and there is a shrine in the center of the map. There are no teleporters or "man-cannons" on this map.

However, Jump Boots can help the player more than a "man-cannon" would on this map, due to their precision when the player is in the air compared to the "man-cannon's" pre-determined landing zone. This map features a wealth of indoors areas for players to explore, not to mention the outdoors areas of the map.

This map is very closed in so using the Shotgun would be preferred as it can easily incapacitate and kill the player's opponents faster than a Pistol or a Crossbow. However, finding Explosive Arrows can also do the job as well as any Shotgun could.

There are Rocket Launchers in rooms that are pushed off the normal path of the map. These rooms also hold Idols, health packs, and Grenades and can be accessed on both floors. There are also pickups including various pieces of armor to help the player during the game.

This map features an abundance of health packs in comparison to the others, and a useful thing to note about them is that below the main shrine located in the middle of the map there are three large health kits grouped together. These can help prevent the player from drowning and can also allow for prolonged stays underneath the water's surface.


  • The music featured on this map is "Tristess Temple." It is also played during the level "Mountain Ascent."
  • This map features unique statues of the Six Points, Tarkeen's dog-like bodyguards.
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