Triple Kill
Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other in a ranked match
An achievement in Turok.
Points: 20G

Triple Kill[1] is a multiplayer-based achievement in Turok. It is earned when the player kills three enemies all within three seconds of each other.


This achievement shows a rather morbid set of human skulls stacked on one another in a pyramid formation.

Gameplay StrategyEdit

This achievement functions much like the Campaign-based achievement "Loud Love," in which the player needs to kill three enemy players within three seconds of each other.

This would be best done on a large map with many players, and it would be best for the player to get a high explosive/ordnance weapon, like the ORO Red Fist RPG, and wait for enemies to cluster, hoping that the rocket they shoot hits and detonates before the other players destroy each other.

Another strategy would be for the player to get a ORO FG8 Frag Grenade and time it perfectly so that the player can kill all three players with one throw.

Lastly, if the player can manage it correctly, they can use the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle's disruption grenades to knock players together before launching a salvo of whatever ordnance they possess. 

Please note that the kills do not need to be all at once; they just need to be insanely close in terms of time spent between them, only allowing for four seconds between kills. This means that they player can kill one player, kill another a second later, and then kill the third instead of doing so all at once.

This achievement will require both luck and skill and is best done in a "Free For All" match as there will be more enemies to kill.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)

Notes and referencesEdit

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