For the weapon present in Turok, see ORO Enforcer Shotgun.

Triple-barreled Shotgun
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Shotgun Shells

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The Triple-barreled Shotgun is a weapon that was cut from Turok.


This weapon looked much like its name description. It had three barrels that were each connected to the other. Concept art showed it as a rusty brown in coloration, with red shells for its ammunition. Said ammunition was stored in a magazine.

The Triple-barreled Shotgun went through five designs involving the magazine. One showed it using an ammo belt, another a transparent "clip," the third was a belt feeder, the fourth was an ammo box, and lastly, the fifth was an attachment strikingly similar to a "Tommy Gun," where the magazine was in a cylindrical drum magazine underneath the weapon.

Gameplay Edit

This weapon's function in gameplay is unknown. The magazine designs hinted at the weapon being either semi-automatic or fully automatic. The weapon's overall design also alluded to it being held like a regular firearm, rather than being held in a manner like the ORO War Horse Chaingun, or ORO Red Fist RPG.

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