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Large, frilled head with three massive horns.

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"Lumbering behemoths that are armed with duel [sic] rocket launchers. Get too close and they will crush Turok like a bug."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

Triceratops is a saurian enemy seen in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok: Evolution.


The Triceratops is a massive, bulky quadruped. It has a large head with a massive frill, with three horns on its face, one on its nose and the other two on its frill. The Triceratops of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is green in coloration. On its back, a rider guides it.

In Turok: Evolution, the Triceratops retains a very similar appearance to its Turok: Dinosaur Hunter incarnation, with its only change being coloration, as it is now a brownish red.

There was originally supposed to be a Triceratops in Turok. It was large, brownish yellow, and looked much like the other Triceratops species in previous titles.


Turok: Dinosaur HunterEdit

Triceratops appear in the last two levels of the game. They are armed with grenade launchers and miniguns. They have a stomp attack that they will also utilize which will harm Tal'Set gravely if it makes a direct impact. They are also bullet sponges, being able to take a massive amount of damage. When they die, they also kill their rider by falling on them.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Triceratops can be considered a sub-boss able to hold its own. They are a bit faster than they were previously, but what they lack in speed they make up for with deadly force. They are able to launch multiple missiles at the player, not to mention a highly accurate rain of bullets fired by the soldier riding the dinosaur. It is considerably easier to avoid the missiles than the bullets.

To eliminate this threat, a high amount of firepower is needed. A mixture of strafing and explosives ranging from Tek Arrows, explosive shells, grenades, and missiles work when facing a single Triceratops. A useful tactic is to lure enemies to the Triceratops and trick them into fighting each other; the player can then avoid all confrontation or join the fight, using the advantage to either pick off the weaker enemies or gang up on the Triceratops. If the player finds themselves with low health and ammo, or they wish to conserve both, it is highly recommended to use the Fusion Cannon.

Turok: EvolutionEdit

In the prequel to the series, Triceratops appear in one level only: "Into the Jungle." There are two, one adult and one juvenile. The adult will easily get angered and will proceed to ram Tal'Set with its horns if he gets too close.

The attack is devastating and can be compared to getting bitten by the feral Tyrannosaurus rex in "Summit Battle." It is fairly fast on its feet and can also take a lot of damage. However, the juvenile is harmless and will run from the player.

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