Tranquilizer Gun
Production overview

Weapon Type:


Ammunition type:

Tranquilizing Darts

Ammo Capacity:


Range Type:


Secondary Function:

Puts targets to sleep

Service history



First Located:

Slaughter by the River of Souls


The Tranqulizer Gun is a weapon featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. As its name indicates, it is used to tranquilize enemies, giving the player a chance for an open hit.


The Tranquilizer Gun is a grey rifle that emits a quiet sound when fired and is capable of putting enemies to sleep. It sports a small scope on top.


The Tranquilizer Gun is best used when the player wants to conserve ammo but wants to sneak past enemies as well. It is considered effective if the player happens to be low on health and will not be able to fight enemies without dying. Though useful at times, its effectiveness depends on the size of the enemy, and its dart capacity is quite small.

Dinosoids usually go down in two shots. Bigger enemies like the Purr-Linn can take up to five shots. Once the enemy is down, the player can use this opportunity to either flee or finish off their opponent. Targets will not stay down for long, however. They will eventually wake up within 15 seconds.

The weapon can be upgraded to the Charge Dart Rifle.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon: Restores 10 darts.
  • Darts: Restores 5 darts.
  • Dart Pak: Restore 10 darts.


  • Due to a bug in early copies of Seeds of Evil, ammo for this weapon does not spawn at all. The few pickups available for this weapon are also bugged and instead replenish the Chart Dart Rifle's ammo count. These bugs were fixed for the PC version of Seeds of Evil.
  • Despite the fact that the weapon has a scope, it cannot be used.

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