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Toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms.[1] In Turok, Soldier Bugs, Utahraptors, and the Razor Wing all produce toxin.


Throughout Turok, barrels of the toxin can be found in Mendel-Gruman facilities. When destroyed, they can kill nearby enemies and even the player. Both Utahraptor Spitters and Razor Wings can project the toxin at the player which can kill them in a few hits.

A planned unit, the MG Bio Weapon Unit, would have used the toxin as a projectile to try to kill the player.


During a dissection of a juvenile Soldier Bug, several MG Scientists died instantly when the bug's toxin became airborne. Within minutes the toxin disintegrated, allowing people into the room without being affected by it.

Later, several scientists learned how to extract the toxin from the bugs and use it as a biological weapon. Soon after this the toxin was tested on a whole facility full of scientists, killing them all. Roland Kane sent a message to Mendel-Gruman corporate on how the toxin could be sold to the highest bidder, possibly terrorist organizations.

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