Total Being Killed Award

Medal Type:

Task Medal

Hidden Requirements:

Suicides do not count.


Total Being Killed Award is a task-based medal in Turok: Rage Wars. It is earned when a player has been killed 1000 times. Suicides do not count, however - there is another medal for that.


An equiangular black hexagon with beveled, metallic silver edges and a metallic silver bison skull protruding from its center. The black base is decorated with white tribal motifs on the top and sides, with a serrated white pattern running along the edges.

Gameplay StrategiesEdit

Patience. This is the kind of award that everyone can eventually reach, provided that they play the game long enough. Players should be aware, however, that self-inflicted deaths do not count. Only deaths by human opponents and bots count towards this medal.

Image Gallery - RendersEdit

List of appearancesEdit

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