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The Tomahawk is a weapon that appears in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. As its name indicates, it is a primitive tool typically depicted as being used by Native Americans.

It is also Danielle Fireseed's starter weapon.


The Tomahawk is a hand-made tool that consists of a stone head with a sharpened end. The wooden handle attaches to the bottom of the blade.

Bands of either cloth or leather are wrapped around the handle for better grip. To complete the look, it has two feathers woven onto the stone head.


The Tomahawk is a close-range combat weapon. It is useful against the enemies the player will face in the first areas of the game. Its strength is identical to Joseph Fireseed's Blade.

The weapon is most effective against Oblivion Hounds and Human Zombies, since this weapon is capable of killing them withing one to three swings. It can be used for stealth attacks as well, but it will take much more effort to kill anything stronger than a Human Zombie. Against a Forsaken Warrior, for example, the weapon would take five swings at most while the player would be in danger of taking a great deal of damage. As an aside, this weapon is also useful for breaking open the small crates and boxes that can be found throughout the levels.

Much like Joseph's Blade, Danielle can upgrade to the Razor Wind.


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