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The Lost Land




Large head, small two-fingered arms




Notable info:

A cybernetic Tyrannosaurus rex made to be the Campaigner's pet.

"Those that oppose or displease The Campaigner are cast into Thunders [sic] pit, where the screams are the last sound ever heard from them."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter website[1]

Thunder[1] is the Campaigner's Tyrannosaurus rex, transformed into a Bionosaur with fire-breath and a laser-eye. It serves as the penultimate boss in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, fought at the end of the Campaigner's fortress before Tal'Set faces the Campaigner himself.


This boss appears as a massive, hulking, green Tyrannosaurus rex with multiple cyborg body parts. The dinosaur's body is very large and metallic as it is outlined with many robotic parts, like its ribs, claws and terrifying skull piece.

The skull piece covers the top half of the head, and it is silver in coloration, much like all other portions of the cyborg. The skin color is an emerald green, with scales all along the areas that have not been transformed into mechanical weapons or parts. The tyrannosaur's tiny arms have been replaced with longer robotic ones with three fingers on each hand.


Barring the Campaigner himself, Thunder is likely the most dangerous enemy in the game, taking a massive amount of damage before dying. In addition to the above weapons, he also attacks with shockwaves created by stomping, and of course, biting Tal'Set.

He takes so much damage before dying that the player is given enough ammo to re-fill any they expended on him before fighting the Campaigner. Although the arena Thunder is fought in contains ammo, it is best to avoid picking it up unless it is absolutely necessary because it is located in corners that Thunder can trap Tal'Set in if he goes to pick the ammo up.

This tyrannosaur's bite is incredibly deadly, being able to kill Tal'Set in only a few lunges and snaps. Its movement speed is also very high, being able to nearly outpace Tal'Set with ease. On a last note, this enemy has an insane health pool and can take nearly all you throw at it.

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