Thorn in Side
Kill the Flag carrier 5 times in a ranked match
An achievement in Turok.
Points: 20G

Thorn in Side[1] is a achievement/trophy in Turok. It is awarded when the player kills the enemy flag carrier in a multiplayer match five times in one ranked match.


This achievement depicts a spiky thorn, with blood coating one of the spines.

Gameplay StrategyEdit

This is earned in multiplayer Capture the Flag matches. Please note that this must be done in a ranked match, not a public or player match. For any attempt at this, the best strategy would probably be for the player to camp at their flag's spawn point and wait for an enemy to pick up the flag.

This achievement can be easy to obtain, as the enemy moves slowly with the flag in their possession. This, coupled with the trail of red or blue smoke that the flag emits, allows the player to easily gain a bead on their whereabouts and quickly end them.

Note to PlayStation 3 users:  Due to the fact that the multiplayer servers are no longer active on the PS3 version of Turok, the trophy is no longer obtainable.


  • A "thorn in the side" refers to something that is a constant annoyance to someone, something that this achievement emulates, with the player constantly having to kill a flag carrier over and over.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)

Notes and referencesEdit

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