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The Lost Land


Traverse the Treetop Village.


The Treetop Village is the sixth level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. As the name suggests, the majority of the level takes place in a village that is situated on top of tall trees, as well as surrounding areas near the village.

Description Edit

The Treetop Village is a settlement located on the highest part of a canyon surrounded by mountains and colossal trees coated with large crowns of leaves. Beneath the settlement is a jungle covered with various kinds of plants, including shrubs and tropical trees. A river is also present with various waterfalls. The terrain is covered in grass, and it is mountainous and contains many caves. The level's climate is cloudy, and the clouds cover the sun. Lightning can be both heard and seen with a small sprinkle of rain coming from the sky.

The land below the village is divided into many sections, and they are accessible through various means, including bridges, climbing, and pathways. On each piece of land a variety of plants and wildlife can be found. Many small caves can be seen dotting a number of canyon walls. Other caves run through the mountains leading to dead ends or other areas.

The village entrance is located at the far end of the canyon within a giant tree that sits in a lake. Inside of the tree is a platform that serves as an elevator that extends high up to the village itself. The village extends in multiple directions; some pathways lead to huts, while others lead to caves and other areas of the canyon. The village is held up by enormous trees, with platforms built around their trunks. The platforms have bridges connecting to other platforms that hold various types of structures. Some huts are also built on the slope of the mountain. Within a mountain is a large cave in which part of the village can be found.

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