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The Ruins is the fourth level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Description Edit

The Ruins are a series of ruins that are situated in an area that is surrounded by mountains and a large amount of vegetation and is covered by ancient structures such as statues, pillars, and buildings. The valley is covered by a large amount of vegetation, ranging from enormous trees with large vines hanging from them, tropical trees, shrubs with a variety of textures, and palm trees. Other natural formations like caves, waterfalls, and lava are present. Some parts of the the ruins are connected via a series of caves. Some of the caves are filled with a variety of hostile beings such as Leapers and Giant Beetles. The climate seems to be foggy and misty, much like the first two levels, but the fog is darker and more blue.

The entrance to the main site in connected by a wooden bridge suspended by pillars. The bridge is situated within a canyon, and its cliffs are decorated with four statues kneeling on their feet holding braziers on their hands. Below this section is a lake, whose water comes from a nearby waterfall. The water leads to a Leaper-filled cave, which also leads to another part of the canyon that circles back around to the level's entry portal.

Upon entering the ruins there is a pool of muddy water in the middle of the area. Standing around it are ruined structures, but there is a single temple, whose entrance is decorated with a stone tablet. Within the temple are statues of four stone warriors holding shields and spears, each standing on opposite ends of the temple, two on each side. Also inside the temple are four rooms that each contain a stone table. In the middle of the room stands a small platform with a switch on it surrounded by four braziers on each corner. This switch triggers a room that contains a teleport that leads to another section of the level that contains a level key.

Another part of the level holds a pyramid, around which are several paths that each lead to dead ends. One of these dead ends holds a pit of lava that is covered with rocks. Another path leads to a site where three pillars stand; they have a mechanized function that is activated by a platform. Lastly, there is an area that is filled with teleports, all of them them arrayed in a circle. Each of these teleports leads to the aforementioned lava pit except for one. The pyramid itself sits on a large platform and has a staircase that leads to the top of the structure. Around the base of the pyramid is a pool of water with a large pillar standing in the middle and two pillars with braziers on top placed on opposite ends of the platform.

In addition to the ruins scattered across the surface, there are two underground areas; these are in much better condition than the others. One of these temples is located before entering the main pyramid site and its reachable by teleportation. This area is protected by a maze; reaching its end will lead to a cave that leads to the temple. The infrastructure itself goes trough the mountain, and while inside, the breeze can be heard traveling trough the temple. The place is held up by brick pillars and walls. Statues of warriors holding spears and shields can be found throughout. At the final point of the area is an enormous fortress connected by a bridge. Below the structure is a dark pit, and the ceiling above cannot be seen. The other temple is built similarly, but this temple is built underneath and has some differences. One of the rooms is adorned by a variety of pillars, and in this room is a single corridor that leads to another room that holds a pool of water that is suspended in the air by magical means. The same corridor leads to yet another room that contains four pillars that serve as platforms leading to an upper level of the temple. The corridor leads back to the pool of water. The last chamber has an enormous rectangular fountain. The fountain has four levels and has a series of waterfalls; the water runs down into a pool at the fountain's base. Above the structure is a small grated opening through which mountains and the sun can be seen.

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