Shadowed Paths

The Lost Valley



Amount of Players:



Jungle and MG Base


Infiltrate the compound and transmit the codes to Beta Team.


The Lost Valley is the first Co-Op mission in Turok. It takes place in a jungle and a Mendel-Gruman Corporation base. It is followed by "Shadowed Paths." It can be played via a Player Match or Private Match.


Objective: Secure the area.

Players, upon being dropped into the game, will be briefed shortly on their objective and spawn in a small cave, with a small enemy patrol outside. Each player starts out with an ORO FP9 SMG, and an ORO P23 Combat Knife. To the right of the spawning area, will be a passage, and subsequent mossy ladder. Climbing up it reveals an ORO C9 Perforator Bow, stocked with 25 regular arrows, and 2 explosive tipped arrows.

Upon moving forward, players will be presented with a large group of enemies, ranging from MG Grunts, to a few MG Elites. Dispatching the Elites first would be a prime strategy, as they possess ORO L66 Pulse Rifles, which can shred any player. After having taken down the squad of MG, players are free to advance up the tree based path.

Two Elite soldiers will sprint across the path up ahead, and can be killed with ease. Continuing to move forward will also reveal originally concealed enemies, including an MG RPG unit, alongside a Grunt, the former being incredibly dangerous. This is due to the soldier's extensive line of sight, which can allow him to kill players attempting to move forward in a swift, almost undetectable fashion. Using an automatic weapon, however, can stun-lock the enemy, allowing for a quick, and easy kill. Once the duo's dealt with, players can safely move into the edges of the small outpost.

Objective: Gain entry to research compound.

This outpost is generally easy for players to attack and clear out. The small force here is comprised of multiple Elite soldiers, initially, but once they're dispatched, an MG Heavy Weapons unit will spawn to the outpost's right, from a large door. Once he's dealt with, players can pick up use his ORO War Horse Chaingun to make a final push to the compound. In the outpost, one can find ORO Enforcer Shotguns and another Perforator Bow by the MG Heavy Weapons' spawn.

Once players advance into the more organic section of the area, a Utahraptor will spawn, and attack, but can obviously be dealt with, with ease. Players will then push through a dense push, only to be shoved into combat once more. The area ahead contains multiple opportunities and a variety of ways to handle the next combat scenario. Arguably, the best option would be to hang to the right, on the raised rocky area. This gives players a good line of sight into most of the compound, while keeping overall bodily exposure low.

The most of the player's worries in this combat scenario lie in the MG Sniper units that will appear on the catwalks of the compound. As such, it is advised that players lie in wait for the Snipers, preferably with a Pulse Rifle, or Perforator Bow, and methodically kill them off. They'll initially be present near the front of the compound, and in the watchtower, but then move spawns, and appear in the back end, near the compound wall.

Alongside the Snipers, some ground units will run about, and can be killed off easily. In addition, some Elite units will utilize the Mounted Chaingun to the right of the base, on a small incline. As they're rooted to their spot while using it, it's relatively easy for the player to headshot them. Once these enemies are defeated, players will then be able to safely activate the dual terminals, which allows the large gate to the compound to open, thus providing a new objective.

Objective: Steal data from three computer terminals.

Objective: Everyone must reach the extraction point and activate the homing beacon.

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