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The Lost Land -II-

The Lost Land as it appears in Turok: Evolution, the only full and canonical map known.

The Lost Land is the main setting of the original Turok series published by Acclaim Entertainment; it is regarded as a world where time has not much meaning at all.

It is inhabited by many species, including the Dinosoids, Fireborn, dinosaurs, Blind Ones, and humans. The Lost Land occasionally creates portals between itself and Earth; this is how most of its inhabitants wind up there.


The Lost Land usually appears as a lush, thick jungle or tropical forest. It contains a multitude of different environment ranging from mountain ranges and underground caves to plains and highlands.

It is home to a plethora of creatures ranging from average, yet primitive, humans to all sorts of monsters as well as everything in between.

One of the most common group of creatures whose home is the Lost Land are all different varieties of dinosaurs, such as Raptors, T. rex, and many others. Many of the creatures in the Lost Land have been genetically or technologically enhanced to increase their ferocity and killing ability.


At some point in time, a being called the Primagen got bored with life and studying the stars, so he decided to leave his own galaxy to find the secrets of the universe. He restructured his Lightship (against the advice of his peers) and took off. Many months into the expedition, the ship's hull, which was not designed for this type of travel, was beginning to wear out. A small hull breach near the core of the ship released dangerous amounts of energy into space, where it reacted with miscellaneous particles and propelled the Lightship into a strange vortex.

The Lightship skipped in and out of time, collecting anti-matter as it went. When the ship finally returned to reality, its new composition turned it into a magnet for all nearby matter. After many years, the ship resembled a planet, separated from the space around it by a mass of energy that came to be known as the Netherscape. This planet, now called the Lost Land, was very similar to Earth. So similar, in fact, that it formed a sort of bond with Earth, allowing travelers to pass between it and the Lost Land.


The Lost Land uses a steady power supply from the damaged Primagen's Lightship, which is then diverted using a series of Energy Totems. These towers are at least 50 feet tall and are scattered throughout the Lost Land. They are the scattered pieces of the "key" that would unlock the Primagen's tomb in his Lightship.

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