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The Lost Land


Traverse the Lost Land.


The Lost Land is the seventh level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Description Edit

This region is a wasteland located somewhere in the most inhospitable part of the Lost Land. The desert-like environment is rocky, and its landscape is covered in red sand with hazardous pools of lava and craters releasing gasses. Despite the environment, vegetation, such as dried shrubs and trees, can be found. The climate is hot and its desert-like nature turns the whole canyon atmosphere orange-red with constant sandstorms.

The canyon is split into various sections that are on different levels of the canyon. Some pathways lead to the highest peaks of the mountains. Others lead to its lava-flooded and enemy-infested depths. Structures like bridges are built on the slopes of the mountains. This region is adorned with a variety of skeletal remains, including dinosaur skulls and human heads on pikes. Some rocks are suspended in mid-air and serve as platforms.

Located somewhere in the wasteland is a mighty fortress built around a precipice. The fortress is protected by its walls and the mountains around, and it is sustained by pillars on the inside. A courtyard is the main entrance into the structure. Outside leads to another separate section of the base and is reachable by a suspended platform. On this section to the right a large wooden bridge can be found; this connects to a small, insignificant structure and is also connected by platforms that lead to the side of the main structure. This area is the only place where water is present. The water cascades down from above the fortress and streams into the depths of the base.

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