Bad Blood

The Lost Land
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Joseph Turok




Whiskey Company's ship


Complete the tutorial and escape the ship.

"You okay?"
"I'll live."
—Henderson and Joseph Turok, upon being blown to the outside of the ship

The Lost Land is the second level of Propaganda Games' 2008 title, Turok. It follows up on Prelude's story intensive style, and begins the player's move into true gameplay.

This level introduces the key antagonistic force of the game, the Mendel-Gruman Corporation, and also goes on to introduce the game's Tyrannosaurus rex antagonist, Mama Scarface.

This level is followed by Bad Blood.


Objective: Escape the ship.

The player is rudely awakened from the prior level's cutscene by a Whiskey Company soldier who quickly yells at them to wake up. As the player gets up, said soldier get blown up due to the ship's unstable nature. As the player makes their way through the ship, this happens repeatedly, and eventually, the player will come across Henderson, who requires help with an injured Whiskey company member.

When said member is killed, he asks the player to open a door, which leads to a ladder that they both climb up, just in time to be forcefully blown out of the ship.  


Objective: Head towards the crash smoke.

The player can then follow Henderson into the jungle. They are both greeted by the sight of dinosaurs and then come upon a cliff which shows them a valley with pieces of wreckage from the ship scattered across the terrain. The allied soldier tries to contact the main group before a raptor grabs his ankle and drags him into the jungle, leaving the player alone. The player should then move forward to find and obtain an ORO FP9 SMG in the grass. Upon grabbing it, a Mini-Raptor will grab the player who will be tasked with completing the quick time event presented.

Once the player moves through a log nearby, they will then find the ORO P23 Combat Knife, and a small cutscene will play demonstrating its use.


Move forward and they will then see an MG soldier gun down a fellow Whiskey Co. member. The player will be prompted to kill him via quiet kill and take his ammo before moving ahead. Another MG soldier will be up ahead, and the player will again be prompted to quiet kill him, which then leads to a small trek ending in a surprise appearance from Slade, who saves the player from getting slaughtered by an MG ambush.


Objective: Search the area for survivors.

Now, the player should move forward and expect resistance. There will be four to five soldiers coming out of the passage ahead. The player should use the SMG to headshot them all while using cover nearby, such as rocks and tree stumps. Once they are gone, the player can move forward and collect ammo, and they will quickly reach a clearing with MG APCs and Helicopters dropping troops off.

After two or three minutes of killing the opposition, a loud rumbling noise will be heard, and the game's massive Tyrannosaurus rex, Mama Scarface, will burst out through the treeline. She will proceed to eat the rest of the MG Soldiers before she roars and moves into the jungle. Slade eventually comments on the situation, and a cutscene will play to end the mission.



  • Sometimes when in combat, Slade will say "Remind me to never get on your bad side" seemingly as a compliment even though he supposedly hates Turok during this time-frame.
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