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Search for the level four and five keys.


The Jungle is the second level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Description Edit

The Jungle takes place within an actual jungle. Little has changed from the previous level, "Hub Ruins." It contains all types of flora such as large hanging vines, shrubs, and both gigantic, deciduous trees and palm trees that cover most of the jungle. There are also ancient ruins scattered about and a small Poacher's encampment established along the shore of a river. Underwater caves are also present. Throughout the jungle a large variety of wildlife can be heard, including birds, panthers, and a Tyrannosaurus rex. In caves bats can be heard along with the faint sound of distant Pur-Lin.

Venturing further into the jungle, it is noticeable that the area is settled on higher ground due to the placement of large logs embedded into the canyon walls that give access to higher levels of the jungle. Within these canyons are caves with different types of layouts, some being large and complex and others rather small and easy to navigate. Inside the caves all sort of hostile creatures can be found, such as Leapers and Giant Beetles.

Reaching the highest point of the jungle, one can stumble upon a wide open area with an ancient temple. In front of this structure are two pools of water along with four pillars, giving the area sense of importance. Behind the temple is a large bridge which is connected to the other side of the valley. At the other end is a complex cave system with lots of dead ends. A den of Leapers can be found within. The exit leads to a cliff which overlooks a large pool of water and small pieces of land. Underneath the water, a small and straightforward cave can be found infested with Leapers. This leads to higher ground where ancient ruins can be found.

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