Slaughter by the River of Souls


Lair of the Blind Ones

The Death Marshes
T2 Level III - The Dead Marches


Turok 2: Seeds of Evil


Joshua Fireseed


Death Marshes


  • Rescue five prisoners
  • Destroy three ammunition storage facilities
  • Locate and defend the Energy Totem

The Death Marshes is a level featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. The Death Marshes are inhabited by the Purr-Linn, a primitive and brutal race of ape-like creatures that have built massive stone buildings connected by teleporters and logs on the swampy waters.


"The Death Marshes. The Death Marshes are home to the mighty Purr-Linn, a primitive and brutal race of ape-like creatures. The Purr-Linn regard humans as weak, squeaking insects and are deeply resentful of the progress humankind has made as the centuries have come and gone. The Primagen has fooled the Purr-Linn into believing that he will turn the Lost Land over to them once they have helped free him. Little do the Purr-Linn know that the Primagen intends to wipe them out as soon as Turok is no longer a threat. Through they are unpredictable and untrustworthy, the Primagen has armed the Purr-Linn with a very limited reserve of high-tech weaponry and ammunition.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Rescue five prisoners. Destroy three ammunition storage facilities. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

Level Description Edit

"The Death Marshes are a desolate and eerie place. The fog hangs thick in the air, and dangerous quicksand can pull a careless individual down to a suffocating grave. The Purr-Linn call this inhospitable landscape home. Purr-Linn settlements on the outskirts of the swamp are ramshackle structures of heavy stone thrown together in short order. There is no beauty to their work. Being a civilization of limited capacity, the Purr-Linn have no use for ornament and décor. As the level progresses, the player will find themselves entering into a Purr-Linn city. Here, though the architecture is still crude, the buildings and structures are of a far more grand scale. Multi-story structures of solid stone reach into the sky, and bridges connect watchtowers high above the ground. The swamp closes in around some of the buildings, which are at times constructed on stilts just above the surface of the swamp. The shape and layout of the buildings here are simple, but not without the humble beginnings of a sense of aesthetics. A tapered column here, an angled wall there. These are the only things to distinguish these buildings from the work of a small child. The labyrinth of heavy stone walkways is more impressive. Wide stone bridges connect structures separated by swamp water and quicksand. The city itself is built amongst the trees and tangled vines of the swamp. Only those things that absolutely needed to be cleared were cleared, the rest were merely built around. At places in the city, domes of living vegetation may be found. Inside the largest buildings in the Purr-Linn city, the halls are vast. Heavy stone and timber beams support great hallways and chambers. There are some mechanical workings here, but they are crude mechanisms that lack any true ingenuity.

Though their architecture is unexceptional, the Purr-Linn city does mange to convey a definite sense of the war-like tendencies of this brutal race. The city is heavily fortified. Guard towers can be seen in abundance, and barracks are common. The Purr-Linn are quite fond of ambush, and have built many secret corridors and traps in their city."

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