For the species, see Blind One.
The Blind One
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The Lost Land

Average height:

Unknown (Massive size)


Cyclopian appearance, large body, and three tentacles


The Blind One is the first boss in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and is found at the end of the fourth level, "Lair of the Blind Ones." 

Underneath the Blind One is a large pool of sludge that is damaging to the player and also spawns harmful Larvae and tentacles, which belong to the boss.


The Blind One is an incredibly large entity that resides within a large cave. It is distinguished by its one large eye on the roof of the cavern, and it has three long, serpentine tentacles that it uses for self-defense.

The creature itself is a mix of green, brown, and black colors, while the eye has a golden-brown iris.


The Blind One is varied in terms of gameplay, and it has many ways to attack the player. Some of its attacks include the release of Larvae, the creature's tentacles, and lastly, its slime pores.

  • The Larvae attack the player by using a large spike which is located where their head should be. They thrust it forward in a jabbing motion. They are bright green in coloration.
  • The Blind One will use tentacles to attack the player. Squid-like in appearance, these tentacles can knock the player off balance and bump them into the toxic sludge around the cave.
  • The second offensive portion is the slime pores, which will open up and release green ooze onto the player, harming them, before dilating and re-accumulating more ooze.
  • The final offensive portion will have the Blind One use a larger tentacle attack three times during this phase, which can both whip the player and create a shockwave on the ground that can be avoided if the player jumps before impact.
  • To finish off the boss battle, the player has to shoot at the eye, acting as a coup de grace. This can be completed at the player's leisure.


  • The Blind One appears to inhabit the entire structure of the boss arena. As such, this makes it one of largest, if not the largest enemy of the series.
  • This is the only boss which can be killed with the Nuke; neither the Mantid Queen, the Mother, nor the Primagen can be damaged using said weapon.

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