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Ancient City


Travel through the Ancient City, and defeat the Longhunter


The Ancient City is the third level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Description Edit

The Ancient City is a large city located in a valley surrounded by huge walls and mountains. A variety of buildings and temples are shown in the area and are arranged in multiple sections. The site has multiple types of plants ranging from palm trees, large vines, and enormous trees. Across the city a large variety of wildlife can be heard depending on the location. The atmosphere in this part of the Lost Land has changed into what seems to be a desert-like environment. In other sections of the city, the climate becomes a heated one.

The lower section of the city is a small valley. In this area are two rows of pillars that are placed in the middle of the path. These rows are composed of three pillars per row, giving way to some staircases that lead to the upper level of the city.  

The sub level of the city has two walls on opposite ends. Within this area are also two buildings at opposite ends. The front outer area of this place is a platform that is suspended by two pillars that reach the lower level of the city where the small valley is located. The area is also decorated with two giant statues, one in each corner. There is an immense pool of water that possibly once served as a well for the inhabitants that once dwelt here. Across the pool of water there is a section that leads to long staircases that lead to an urban section of the city.  

Further along and up another staircase are dozens of what seem to be house-like structures. Sitting on top of a high hill in the middle of the city is a large temple, decorated on the outside with gardens and two pools of water at opposite ends. In the middle section of the city, between the houses and the temple, are large stone cages and other minor structures such as pillars, obelisks, and small building can be seen. Behind the great temple is an area with large amounts of vegetation and a variety of smaller temples each located on elevated platforms. Each platform holds two structures on each side, one higher than the other. All of these buildings have face carvings on the interior walls. The most important structure can be found in the middle of the area and is connected with a temple found to the east. Inside the temple is a hallway that leads to a staircase that leads to the other end of the temple.

Outside of the hallway are two large statues and a large amount of plants. There is a hidden valley that contains a sunken square that holds a level key. Around it are four rocks in each corner and two statues above guarding this place. To the west and east are dead ends that each hold a structure. To the south sits a large pyramid with upper and lower levels. The upper level serves only to observe the valley. A staircase leads to the lower level which leads to a suspended platform. Beneath it is a dark pit.

The next area is located in a valley surrounded by large mountains. It is also covered with a large variety of plants, but the most noticeable are the giant trees that cover a part of the area. A brick road leads off in different directions. Further along this road are a row of pillars with braziers on top. At the center of the road, it branches in four directions: to the south is the pyramid; to the west is a Leaper-infested cave; to the east is a small, unimportant structure; and to the north is the entrance. The Leaper den is a pit which leads to the actual cave. At the end of the cave is a small section of the valley with standing rocks around it giving it a sense of meaning. Before the temple are two medium-sized statues standing at opposite ends of the staircase. The temple has a pool of water underneath an entrance that leads to the high ground of the area that will lead to the final section of the level.

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