Thalattoarchon (meaning "Sovereign of the Sea") is a large ichthyosaur from the middle Triassic period. The animal is featured in Dynamite's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter comic series.


Turok Thalattoarchon

Thalattoarchon in issue 3, traced from artwork by Raul Martin.

Thalattoarchon is a large early ichthyosaur, reaching almost nine meters in length. The animal is reptilian in appearance, with the shape of a shark and a large vertical tail fluke. The animal has four dolphin-like fins instead of legs.

In Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, the Thalattoarchon is identical to Raul Martin's illustration of the animal for National Geographic, making it one of the most accurate depictions of a prehistoric animal in the Turok franchise.

In issue 4, the animal is shown with a small dorsal fin. While not demonstrated in fossilization this feature is not out of the question due to its presence on later ichthyosaurs. One panel in issue 4 mistakenly shows the animal without its hind-fins.

In the ComicsEdit

Thalattoarchon appears in issues 3 and 4 of Dynamite's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter series.

In Issue 3, the presence of a Thalattoarchon in the river prevents Turok's group from crossing. Turok throws some of the fish they had caught into the water to test for the presence of the ichthyosaur.

In Issue 4, a Thalattoarchon is sighted after the battle between Turok and the crusaders, where the animal leaps from the ocean and devours a the crusader that Turok's Red Drake had cornered on the beach. Thalattoarchon are then featured later in the issue as Turok uses a rowboat to lead the Tyrannosaurus rex into the sea where the dinosaur is attacked and devoured by three of the ichthyosaurs.

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