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The Tenontosaurus appears in Turok: Evolution. They are located in the Shadowed Lands and the "Zoo" cheat level.

They are herbivorous by nature, and they will not attack, no matter what is threatening them.


This dinosaur is a six-foot tall quadruped. It is beige in coloration. It has one offspring present with it during the player's encounter.


This dinosaur is a harmless NPC. As such, it will not attack the player, and it will either run away or walk around aimlessly.

This dinosaur is also very weak, and it will only take a few hits to kill it. Its offspring is even weaker and will always follow the adult. 


  • Though not named in-game, the model and texture files are what identify this dinosaur as a Tenontosaurus.
  • This creature, despite not making an appearance until the sixth chapter in the final title, was originally meant to be included in the game's introductory level "Into the Jungle". This is shown in pre release screenshots.

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