Tek Crossbow
Turok Rage Wars Arsenal -Tek Crossbow
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Energy rounds

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Sniper Zoom

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The Tek Crossbow is a weapon featured in Turok: Rage Wars.


This weapon bears a massive resemblance to modern-day crossbows. It features a squarely-shaped launch pad for the bolts and two limbs. Attached to the main body is some sort of rifle scope.

The furnishing on it is red-colored, and the limbs and launch pad are silver, which gives the weapon a metallic and very realistic look.

It is unknown if the weapon has any sort of string or wire with which to launch the bolts.


In primary mode, the Tek Crossbow fires weak energy bolts at moderate speed, consuming 10 energy ammo per shot in the process. It is ideal for exploding mines from a distance but otherwise only a backup to the true purpose of this weapon, which is its secondary mode: sniping shot.

Aiming in sniping shot mode is aided by a powerful zoom scope, and the energy bolt causes massive damage; two hits take down a fully healed target in a satisfying, meaty explosion. The only downside is the challenge of landing two successful hits in a row, due to the low firing rate in secondary mode. Firing in sniping mode takes 25 energy ammo per shot. To unlock this secondary mode, use the Campaigner to beat the "Crossroads" level in Single-Player mode.

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