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"These once proud ships now rest in desert graves."
Turok: Evolution

Tears of Horatio is the second multiplayer map in Turok: Evolution. It takes place in a ship graveyard in a desert during the day. This map features two unique "man-cannons." The map is walled off by a massive aircraft-carrier.


This map is very asymmetric. There are four ships that can be accessed, and there is a ship's watch tower that you can access. The "man-cannons" on the two outermost ships can launch the player across the map quickly, acting like "Palace of Lamia's" teleporters.

Weapon pickups are located all throughout the map, with most being contained inside the ships themselves. The ships act as buildings in a sense, with multiple walled rooms, along with staircases and ladders to climb into new areas. This map features four ships to access. There is the Aircraft Carrier, a second ship suspended at an angle of 90 degrees, a third ship next to the Aircraft Carrier, and lastly there is a ship in the back of the map far away from the first three ships. The third and fourth ships feature the "man-cannons" of the map.

  • The Aircraft Carrier

This massive ship is the pride of the map. It is the largest and tallest object of the map and was somehow flipped side-ways which caused it to box in the map. It holds Health Packs, Grenades, and a Shotgun. This ship is also right next to the map's water source.

  • The Second Ship (90 Degree Angle)

The second ship is the most unusual. It is tilted at a 90 degree angle, and it is somewhat submerged in water under the sands. This ship contains the Jump Boots, Health Packs, Grenades and a Pistol. This ship may be a reference to the R.M.S Titanic as it is in the exact same position the Titanic was in when it sank in April of 1912.

  • The Third Ship (Near the Aircraft Carrier)

This ship is the biggest accessible ship on the map, being two floors high and featuring 10 rooms to venture around. Each room contains many weapons like Pistols, Flechette Guns and a Shotgun. The pickups are Idols, Health Packs and a Shield Belt. This ship also has one of the "man-cannons" which can launch the player into the pool of water by the Aircraft Carrier.

  • The Fourth Ship (Furthest Away from Main Map)

This ship is the most isolated. It is in the back of the map and is very similar to the Third Ship. It is also the most useful as it contains the Rocket Launcher. This weapon is very useful on this map as the rocket can traverse the map faster than anything. The only rival is the Crossbow. This ship very small, being only one floor high. It also features the second "man-cannon" on the map which has the same destination as the first.

This map has a special feature: "man-cannons." These two cannons are found on ships three and four. They will launch the player to the pool of water near the Aircraft Carrier and can be a very easy way to traverse the map. They are also very quiet, which is a convenient way to stay quiet during matches.

However, they have some disadvantages, such as the water heavily impeding the player's mobility upon landing and the scripted and unalterable launch process.

Places of InterestEdit

There are a few interesting places in Horatio. There is the Watchtower, the Cave, and the Propeller.

  • Watchtower

The Watchtower is a heavily sand-riddled tower that is found near the Aircraft Carrier and the Third Ship. It contains the Jump Boots, Ammo, Poison Arrows and Health Packs.

  • The Cave

This Cave is the location of one of the most useful weapons, the Plasma Cannon. This cave is located near the fourth ship and is very easy to locate. It is also near the final point of interest: the Propeller.

  • The Propeller

The Propeller is an area located by the Cave. It contains a Crossbow and a few quivers of explosive arrows.


  • The music heard in this level is "Sleg Fortress." It is heard in the first few levels of Chapter 5.
  • This map features a static skybox.
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